Beautiful Costa Rica

Since July, Natalia and I have been living in the mountains of Costa Rica. A few years ago we starting housesitting through an online service that helps people find responsible caretakers for their house and pets. We spent awhile doing short, week to month long sits and got to stay in some fantastic places last summer.  At the beginning of this year we set the goal to go somewhere outside the states and spend more time. The time spent in Costa has been awesome to say the least. The house we were taking care of is way up in the mountains in the center of the country, located 10km from Costa’s highest point, Cerro Chirripo.


Moving toward some new goals in my art, I took this time to paint, paint and more painting. There are absolutely no shortages of breathtaking views around here, but a lot harder to capture than one might think. Weather changes really quickly and horizon lines are almost irrelevant, maybe most of all, some of beauty is so breathtaking it’s really hard to do it justice J. I did a lot of plein air while we were here. I tried to go out at least 3-4 times a week; sometimes finishing paintings in one session, other times it took 2-3 sessions. I learned a ton, lots of paintings were not working at first, I went through many that I worked hours on, but in the end they just weren’t working. As time went on I just got so much more familiar with oils and working with them. There were still hiccups and times in artistic lulls, but playing around with them everyday brings a sense of understanding and excitement when painting now.


I have been posting art on Instagram as time has gone by, but here are the higher-res finished paintings. Enjoy!

a lot of these are for sale if you're interested, just contact me.