Time well spent

For the last ten years, caricatures have been a big part of my life. Sometimes 3 hour gigs, and other times months of slaving away in theme parks. Nothing has taught me more than the long hours grinding graphite into the porous tooth of yet another blank sheet of paper. I have been ready to move on to new adventures for the past 2 years or so, and my feet have fully left the diving platform now. I have made the decision to put amusement parks behind me, not caricatures as a whole. It will be Difficult on a few levels, and of those the hardest will probably be the comradery; because damn, nobody can self loath and judgmentally discuss humanity and philosophy like a group of theme park caricaturists! I mean that in the best way, a way that only another frontl ine, war-scarred artist could relate to. Truly the stories and good company make it all so fun and easy going that it's really a hard workplace to leave. I always felt there are two things that can kill an artist: hubris, and Rattlesnakes.. or rather, kill their sense of creative wonder. Hubris or Humility, either, can lead to a stagnant mind. On the road of art, the universally relevant highway signs would read, "Inertia Killz, kids!" I always said I would transition through anything I wasn't actively learning anymore, and caricatures had become so much more of a muscle response than an active pursuit of knowledge and excitement. I will miss it, but new unexplored roads lie ahead. Here are some of my drawing from my last two weeks, and thanks to my friend Robert for the video.