Busy busy busy.

As an artist I would say the fun of the pursuit is often the adventure and discovery of new and unexplored. At the same time there is a pressure in the arts community for consistency and style. If you want to explore the realms of art, you should either be a student or a teacher, and maybe that's true... I think a really great artist embodies both of those at the same time.

I like to explore, and usually have a few different themes on my mind simultaneously, all with very different goals and "style" leading the way. right now I have been working on a series of antique and old (usually metal) utilities; I love painting the rusted metal and textures. I also continue to craft my landscapes. Continuously looking to  design, Impressionism and tonalism. Another subject that has been fun lately are my under water pool paintings. Being much more modern and focused on compositional design, they keep me thinking differently and the process is very relaxing, which I find to be a good sign considering that's what I want the paintings to evoke in the viewer.

Just wanted to share my thoughts. follow my Instagram @antwan.ramar to keep exploring with me.