The Illustrated Man...on a toilet

It started about four years ago, I was just sitting there (like you do), and I started thinking of some pretty entertaining characters sitting on the toilet in all their different and unique ways. I didn't  know what I would do with it at the time, but I wrote a book title in my sketchbook, "Pooping Postures". I didn't know what it would be about, or if it would even have a narrative, but I did have a few funny characters in my head, and a title. Over the next year, I thought about it, after that, I thought some more, and finally in the summer of 2015 I did a few sketches. As the next two years went by I would have little flashes of inspiration and finish a few more and water color a couple concept. After way more time than I would like to admit, I am finally getting some proofs printed this week and hope to be selling this funny little bathroom companion soon. Here are a couple samples of the illustrations.

This book is now available in my store.

I have a few other titles in my sketchbook, so at least now I can start procrastinating those... :)