Here are some of the series I am working on and would appreciate your consideration for EDO.   



Years ago while looking for a part for my old VW, I was struck by the drama and beauty in the junkyard wreckage. The metallic surfaces reflective and rusted bodies giving off infinite color and temperature variations, as well as the stories lost in translation. Boundless isle of discarded status symbols, impulse buys, first cars and last cars. I always name each piece with a perceived narrative the vehicle seems to evoke. These are usually from 5x7 to 12x16" and $150-$450


While swimming I aways found it to be incredibly tranquil to submerge with goggles and watch the light play along the geometric angles of the pool walls. I wanted to create a series of pieces like this exploring those simple traits, as well as the juxtaposition of submerged everyday objects. These range from 5x7 to 12x16" and $125-$400.



I love the loose and atmospheric qualities of Watercolor. I aspire to capture mood-driven snapshots of the times and places I visit.

These range from 5x7 to 12x16" and $100-$400.